Wednesday, November 09, 2016

P.E: Throwing

I am blogging this because I want to share what I have done in throwing and how well I did.
For P.E I did lots of stuff, one of the things that I did was throwing. For throwing we had to get a tennis ball and throw it as far as we can. I think we had to throw it over-arm. Once we threw as far as we could then we had to get a cone and put it were the ball had landed. The person that came first was Daniel and second place went to me. Mrs Carr took this lesson of throwing, it was really fun too. Here is a photo of me throwing:

(Didn't throw that fair in the photo)



  1. Good Job Julius! You have explained your PE blogpost really well I could
    not remember that. I like how you have included kinda a short conclusion
    Mrs Carr took this lesson of throwing, it was really fun too.
    Keep Up The Great Work! :)

  2. Good job Julius you explained it well

  3. Grate post.You did a really grate job.Do you think you can win next time?

  4. Well done Julius on this post.I like the photo and how you added (Didn't throw that far in the photo) Keep up the great work. :)

  5. Awesome! I love your writing Julius! The photo is very cool. I like the way you described everything. Well Done!